Can more system RAM compete with video RAM?

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Two laptops, both have celeron m 1.4GHz processor and 256MB
DDR ram. One has a video card with 32MB video memory, the other
has a video card that shares the system memory (max 128MB).
My question is: generally speaking, if I add 512MB system memory
to the laptop without the video memory, can this laptop overperform
the one with the 32MB video RAM in terms of graphic and video
process, or it is hard to say?


Re: Can more system RAM compete with video RAM?

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No, the system with the dedicated video memory will (99.9% of the time)
outperform the shared memory system.  It has to do with the speed at which
the video system can access the memory and shared-memory systems typically
will access the memory much slower than the dedicated ones.  Adding more
memory means the shared video memory may be able to run something that has a
higher ivdeo memory *requirement* however.  If you got a game that needs 64M
of video memory and it queries the 32M dedicated video, it may just not run.

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