can i put in more ram

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hi...i bought an old IBM THINKPAD T22 Pentium III 900Mhz with Windows
XP has 256mb ram i am going to upgrade the ram but
ibm says only upgradable to 512mb.....what happens if i put in

Re: can i put in more ram

Re: "ibm says only upgradable to 512mb.....what happens if i put in 1gb"

Ah, the two possibilities are:

-it works
-it doesn't work

The fact that the mfgr. says that it has a max RAM sizes does not always
mean that the max is what the mfgr says it was.  Often that maximum was
based on the largest modules available AT THE TIME THAT THE
SPECIFICATION WAS WRITTEN.  But not always; sometimes, the stated
maximum really is the absolute maximum.

The only way to know, really, is to try it.

Further, even failure isn't necessarily final, in SOME cases, a system
will work with some modules of a given size but not with other modules
of that exact same size.

But unless you have more information ... you are on your own.  The good
news is that if you try something that doesn't work, the only damage is
normally to your wallet.

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