Calling Toshiba Libretto Users re HDD Password...

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I'd appreciate knowing if anyone's had success with setting a Hard Drive
password on a Libretto U100.

I can set a bios password with no trouble (either from bios or a supplied
utility)  but my U100 documentation (UK version) doesn't even mention using
a HDD password.  The bios settings include boxes for 'HDD Password Mode' and
'HDD Password', but they don't work.  If I change the password it flips back
to 'Not Registered' when I try to save the change.

On the other hand claims one of
the features of the U100 (Australian version) is: 'Hard drive password
prevents unauthorised access to the hard drive and can be synchronised
with the user password'.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any help or useful comments.

David Tong

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