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How do you set a user's password or find out a user's password useing
command promt?

Re: C:Windows

Date: 4 Oct 2005 13:48:54 -0700

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Gee... you wouldn't be trying to access someone else's logon account
would you?

-- Bill

Re: C:Windows

You can't just pop it out, its a one way encryptionh.  As the administrator,
you can change anyones password.  If you have lost the administrators
account, there are tools that will allow you to change the password without
knowing the old one.
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Re: C:Windows

airinmitchellwesley@yahoo.com wrote in comp.sys.laptops:

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Ask him?


***Ancient Wisdom in a Crunchy Treat***

Re: C:Windows


The special tool, Active@ Password Changer for example can do the
trick. It ca reset existing logon password for you. This tool works
awesome and greatly helped me before. Recommended!
http://www.password-changer.com /

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