BX Chipset - FSB 133?

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Is it possible to put a FSB 133 P-III mobile CPU in a laptop equipped with a
BX chipset? I know that desktop systems had problems with the AGP divider if
you used FSB133 on a BX chipset but otherwise ran fine...

BTW I'm using an omnibook XE3L the old one with BX chipset... Has anyone
tried putting a P-III mobile in this system at higher speeds than FSB 100?
(e.g. FSB 133)


Re: BX Chipset - FSB 133?

The only way to know is to try it, but your odds are poor.

There was an undocumented and unsupported 133MHz mode for the BX that
properly divided the PCI bus but the AGP bus was still off-spec.  In
testing it was found that just about half of agp boards could work this
way, while the other half could not.  HOWEVER, while some desktop
motherboards had jumpers to actually use the unsupported mode (for
example, Asus P2B rev 1.10 and later had them, but those prior to 1.10
did not), on a notebook, normally, there won't be any jumpers at all,
hence you are likely to be out of luck.  And that's just with the PCI
bus, and doesn't even get into the off-spec issues with the AGP bus
(where, again, some video systems will tolerate the off-spec clock
rates, while others will not).

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