Buying First Laptop, Need Info

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Looking at getting my First Laptop and I have been doing some research and I
pretty much know what I need for my needs, so to speak, and I have some
Power/Battery questions......

1) Am I correct in my understanding that a 12-Cell, 94 WHr, 14.8 VDC =
Approx 3.5 Hours of Usage?
2) Are there stand alone chargers for said Battery or any battery for that
3) I would assume that a Laptop, like a Desktop, has some sort of Stand
By/Sleep Function to save power usage?
4) What is more Power Effective, or conserative if you will, a P4 or
(I know M Class or Centrino would probably be the best, but I am not going
that way)

Heres my specifics.....

Dell Inspiron 5150 or 5160, maybe a 5100 (one of the 3 For sure)

Either a P4 2.6 GHZ CPU or Higher, Max @ 3.06 HT
Celeron 2.8 @ 400/533 FSB

512 MB SDRam @ 333 MHZ
40 - 60 GB HDD @ 5400
32 MB DDR XGI Volari AGP 4 X ( Not a Big Gamer Here)
1350 Internal Wireless

Yes, this is a Refurb from the Dell......

Thanks for any help....

Re: Buying First Laptop, Need Info

if you just want to word process and work on the go and don't mind changing

i say an apple ibook every time
6hr battery life
fairly cheap(considering looks and package) £699
virus free os
the list goes on, find any mac ng and they will sell it to ya.
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Re: Buying First Laptop, Need Info

gcc wrote:
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Without knowing what the laptop CONSUMES that's impossible to answer.

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Some do, some don't, depends on the laptop manufacturer usually.

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Usually Standby, where the display and drives are shut down and work is
saved in RAM, and Hibernate, where all open processes are saved to the HD
and the unit is shut down (Off).

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A PentiumM. If you already know this, why are you not "going that way"?

It will weigh less, run up to twice as long and put out MUCH less heat!



Re: Buying First Laptop, Need Info

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Because this Refurbished from Dell is 1000.00

Inspiron 600m Notebook: Intel Pentium M Processor 745(1.8GHz)
14.1-in XGA w/64MB Video
Microsoft Windows XP Home

And this one is 750.00

          Inspiron 5150 Notebook: Intel Pentium 4 Processor, 2.66 GHz,
      533MHz Front Side Bus,
      15 XGA Display
      Microsoft Windows XP Home

Re: Buying First Laptop, Need Info

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Pentium M (conserves power)
14.1-in screen

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Pentium 4 - (blows through power)
15.4-in screen - larger screen, requires more power

My friend gets Dells, i'm a fan of the 600m - its small, light, and lasts
long. the 5150 sounds too much like Van Halen and its heavy, hot and

Re: Buying First Laptop, Need Info

is there a Noticable difference in Computing power I guess, Between say a
P-M 1.6/8 to a P4 2.6 if I am just using it for...

Basic Office- Word, Excel, Some Front Page
Surfing and Email - IE6, Outlook Express
Some Graphics-  Paints Shop Pro, Adobe
Burning CD's and Watching a DVD here and there?
Listening to Music
Accessing Some Other Portable Devices....PSP, MP3 Player, reading Memory

This is really all i am using it for....

Or would I not even Notice a Hiccup.....

I know how my Desktop preforms these functions and its a 2.4 P4

Re: Buying First Laptop, Need Info

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you would not notice a hiccup really for that sort of thing, and processor
speed is not really important to any of those things (except photoshop if
you are applying complex filters/effects).  what *would* affect performance
of ALL things you listed is the amount of RAM.  if you have at least 512MB
of RAM in the Dell, you'll be fine.

pluuuuuussss..... the processing power of a 1.6 Pentium M is roughly
equivalent to a 2.2 P4, though i'm sure someone will swoop in with the real
data... im sure its on the intel site somewhere.

Also, speed of applications opening will be slower than your desktop, as I
think the hard-drive RPMs of those laptops are all 4200, versus the 7200
RPM drive likely in your desktop.

the 600m is a better machine all around i think....

Re: Buying First Laptop, Need Info

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Thanks G M

Re: Buying First Laptop, Need Info

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          Inspiron 600m (System Identifier E6RLRP54)
          Inspiron 600mc Notebook: Pentium M Processor 725(1.6GHZ),14.1XGA
ATI 32MB Video
      Microsoft Windows XP Home


      System Price $959.00
      Promotion Discount ($100.00)
      Discounted Price $859.00
      Dell recommends Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional

         Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home
         Memory: 512 MB DDR SDRAM 266MHz (2 DIMMs)
         Hard Disk Drive: 60 GB EIDE Hard Drive (4200 RPM)
         NoteBook Screen: 14.1 inch XGA Notebook Screen
         Modem: Internal Modem
         Network Interface Card: Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 Internal Wireless
         CD Read-Write Drive: 24X CD RW/DVD Combo Drive

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