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Hi,  I have350-400 to buy on a new laptop.  I want to use it for
university.  I don't need internet access as I have a desktop and the
laptop will be a second computer.  Which laptop is best for me?  I am
utterly bewildered by the array of technology and jargon!!  My head is
spinning.  Please help!!!


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Re: Buying a laptop

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I recommend you buy a refurbished IBM T40.  They are sold on Ebay for
about 300 (Grade A) and 250 for Grade B.  This machine will do
everything you need at Uni and after.

The HDD may be a little small for you at 40GB but you can easily
change that for a larger drive, say 80GB for say about 60. The 512MB
RAM should be OK but another stick of 512MB will cost you about 30 on
the outside chance that you need it. It will fit very easily into your
budget and you will get a first class machine.

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Nice advertisement for your EBay auction I'm sure.

Re: Buying a laptop

do a little "homework" for a "school" laptop
start with your needs
don't buy on impulse


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Actually NO.  But I have purchased two such machines for my grand
children going to Uni so I can claim some experience here.  

Do you really think everyone who tries to help in this NG has some
ulterior motive?  You seem to be a very poor example of a human being.

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