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Im going to buy a laptop but just wanted to see what people think.
I want to spend around700 and i use creative suite 2 (although not
all the time - mainly for fun). Whats your thoughts on the best
available? Models i have seen are Core 2 Duo at 1.6Ghz with 100Gb HD
and 1Gb RAM running either XP Home or Pro and usually a Intel Graphics
card (although im not sure if this is on the motherboard or not.

Re: Buying a laptop

There's a good deal going on with comet at the mo, They have an Acer
Aspire 5634 WLMi for about680 online (In store is700)

# Processor speed: 1.83 GHz
# Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
# Screen size: 15.4 inches
# Storage (hard drive): 120 GB
# Memory (RAM): 2048 MB
# Dynamic graphics: 256MB GF7300GO

It's good value for money (at least, that's what I think since I own
one of these)
It's also worthy to note that it's Vista Premium Ready, and entitles
you to a free-for-the-most-part upgrade (the only charge is P&P), just
don't try to stick a PSP or Memory Stick card into the memory reader
slot without an adapter (Trust me I tried)
Hope this helps =] wrote:
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Re: Buying a laptop

i just bought a HP pavilion 6000
very nice machine

Intel duo 2 is a good/minimum chip
at least 1mb ram [i like 2mb]

video card is not essential,
except for gamers and photo editing type stuff
[do some research on video cards, and your needs]

think a little longer-term investment
you want to have reasonable machine in 2-3 yrs out
you'll be happier, instead of saving a few pounds


Re: Buying a laptop

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I am also looking to buy a laptop and have my eye on the Acer one
described in this post that Comet are selling. Can anyone answer these
questions for me

1) How long does the battery last and how does this compare with
similar spec. machines ?
2) What speed RAM has been installed ?
3) Are there any problems with Upgrading to Vista as appose to having
the full version pre-installed ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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