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My girlfriend has a Gateway MX 3225 laptop. She set it on top of her
car and forgot to put it inside before she drove off. Needless to say,
its not in the best shape at the present time. Anyway I was wondering
what would be the best route to take, if i should part it out, sell it
whole, try to fix it or what. The screen is broken- (200 dollars or
so), the shell is all scratched up and pieces broken off of it- (can't
find one of those) , and the battery pack is in many pieces-(prob
pretty expensive as well). Also the cd rom drive is shot. At first it
apeared to be a total loss so I took it apart and inspected everything
and turned out to not be as bad as i thought. I assembled everything
out of the shell and turned it on and it worked i just couldn't see
due to the busted screen. Any imput would be appreciated.

Re: Busted Laptop

Well, if it still provides a good video signal to the VGA output, you could
fashion a box to hold it and use it as a desktop machine.

These are going for about $400 on eBay, so I wouldn't put a lot into it.

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Re: Busted Laptop

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Sell motherboard, processor, heatsink, Ram, keyboard, and charger on
ebay. Also the video card, (if seperate). If you have a MiniPCI card,
you might as well sell it, too.

If the hard drive caddy is intact, you might want to sell it, too.
Many notebooks that are sold at auction, have the hard drive pulled.
And the caddy with. If you do sell the hard drive, make sure to wipe
it first. Use a program such as DBAN. However, the HDD has taken a
nasty fall, and might not live long.  it should live long enough to
extract the data off it. You should be able to pick up an external
cage for it.


Put whatever revenue you generate toward a new unit.

The alternate theory is to find another same model notebook advertised
as dead, and use it for parts. (as long as you get the screen intact).
The plastics are usually OK. Getting a CD and battery with, would be

As far as Val's suggestion is concerned. It would work. But it's a lot
simpler just to remove the screen, attach a monitor, and go.

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