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A couple of days ago i was on vacation and when i put a Memory stick pro
flash chip into my ZV6000's memory slot reader thing and while the
computer was trying to read the new drive i began to smell an electronic
burning smell followed by the screen flashing and then freezing.  I held
the power button down to try to turn it off as quickly as possible but
that did nothing so i pulled the power cord and took the battery out to
turn of the computer.  I then waited about 5 minutes and tried to turn
it back on expecting that nothing would happen but it started up just
like normal.  I then checked to see if the computer recognized the flash
chip i had put in and it did so i proceeded to take the info off and
then back up all of my files onto my external hard drive in case the
laptop would not start again. Since then i have only started it once,
for about 5 minutes. Overall since the problem first took place the
computer has only been on for about 35 minutes.  Finally, whenever the
computer is on i can smell the burnt electronics smell being expelled by
the fans so whatever was burning is either still burning when
electricity runs through it or there is just a lot of that smell in

I was planning on taking the computer apart (i have done this
with laptops before) in order to do a visual inspection of the parts but
before i do that i was wondering whether or not anyone had any ideas
what the damaged part could be. Or what i should do.

-computer runs as it normally would-
-the memory chip reader didn't break because it can still read flash
-the processor is still good (because the computer can run)
-i think the memory is good (the computer still says that i have 512mb
-both of the fans still work (i can feel the breeze out of the exhaust
-the hard drive still works (i can still access all of my files)

(the computer isn't overclocked)

Re: Burning smell

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Visual inspection is your best bet. If you can, strip it completely
down and closely examine all the parts.

If your computer still works, it must be a chip you don't use on a
regular basis. Or a burnt trace.

About the magic smoke: it does linger. But I'd consider it VERY
prudent to not use the computer until you at least ID the problem. As
there could be a short somewhere. Like a screw or metal piece.

Re: Burning smell

Best bet if you haven't done so already, is to try it with no devices
connected, to ensure that it's not being caused by anything connected,
it's the first thing I would do.

When you inserted the stick.. I wonder if the contacts become bent,
thus shorting out within the socket, the burning smell don't sound good
and certainly need needs looking into.

Could also be a coincidence, caps (electrolytic capacitors) when they
leak can create a smell, especially when heated up... a smell I can't
describe and I've come across many in my work, there are times you know
exactly what it is before removing the back or case of the equipment..
the gunge they leak is corrosive it will eat away the protective lacquer
on the pcb, then gobble the copper circuit tracks up in no time.   I am
not saying that this is your fault, better mention it in passing for the
damage it could cause.


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