Burner won't recognize dvd-r's!

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My Toshiba Satellite (A105-2001) is supposed to be able to burn them,
but it complains instead about they're being "once only" discs.  This
happens when I use both the "RecordNow" or the "Roxio" software, both
of which use Sonic's DLA program (which is enabled btw).

I'm going out of my mind!!

Someone on the net posted a similar problem that he fixed by purchasing
a DVD authoring program (he didn't say which) with a better DLA

I definitely want to avoid spending $100+ on DVD writing software just
to make my DVD drive work.  I feel like it should work right out of the

any helpful advice?

p.s. I already disabled the drive's ability to write cd's in order to
enable it to write dvds (apparently, it's one or the other)

Re: Burner won't recognize dvd-r's!

I'm not sure that I understand your question.

The "super multi" drive in Toshiba A205 laptops will burn DVD-R's if
it's not defective.  But SOME A105's only have a "combo" drive, not the
"Super Multi" drive (a combo drive will burn CD's, but will only read
DVDs).  Which A105 do you have (the full model number with the suffix,
e.g. "A105-S2712", for example).  You may not have the drive that you
think you have; your drive may not be a DVD burner at all.

DVD-R media can in fact only be burned once; it's not rewriteable (e.g.
it's not DVD-RW media, which is rewriteable).  However, you can still
add material to a DVD-R media that is not full ***IF*** it was
originally created as a "multi-session" disc.  Note that not all
software (either burning software or reading software) supports
multi-session DVDs.  What version of Roxio are you using?  The DVD
burning of Roxio version 5 was flakey, but versions 6, 7 and 8 are ok.
Are you trying to burn data discs or video DVDs?

[I'm not aware that any versions of Roxio prior to [at least] version 8
used any Sonic components.  Of course, Sonic bought Roxio, but that was
relatively recently.]

Also, just how are you trying to burn your DVDs?  Are you trying to use
some type of "drag and drop" (bad, bad idea) or are you formally opening
"Creator Classic", and creating an ISO layout and explicitly burning it
(the "right" way to do it).  Installation of some of the "drag and drop"
software packages can interefere with other CD/DVD software.

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