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Re: Building a laptop

Re: "There are shops in the UK that have had a go at selling the parts
(including one near me) so it can't be impossible for shops to obtain them."

I'd argue that they are selling "bare-bones" laptops rather than laptop
parts; you don't buy the motherboard as a separate component from the
case and keyboard, for example.

Re: Building a laptop

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To be honest, it's been several years so I can't remember exactly what they
sold.  Building your own PCs was popular up to around 8 years ago because
the price of a ready built one was over 1000.  The price was held
artificially high to keep the transaction out of the reach of our small
claims court system which had a 1000 limit.  Once the limit was raised to
3000, the cost of PCs fell, but the poorer suppliers went out of business
as they got sued for the rubbish they sold.

Re: Building a laptop

M.I.5 wrote:
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You could select from a couple of motherboards with different graphics
options. It certainly wasn't like buying a standard form-factor
motherboard. The keyboards were included (you could order foreign
language keyboards but it took a long time to get them).

You then added standard SO-DIMMs, notebook hard drives, and standard
slim optical drives (proper face plates and connector adapters came with
the barebones kit).

It was never a good deal, and I haven't seen much of this anymore, at
least not where you get to select from different motherboards.

I don't see it as much different from how I ordered my last Compaq
notebook on-line through I selected the exact options I
wanted, and it was built to order in China, and Fed-Exed to me. It took
about ten days.

Re: Building a laptop wrote:
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There are some "barebones" notebooks (ASUS sells them), but you have to
start with the basic motherboard and chassis. You add your CPU, memory,
hard drive, optical drive, etc.

These days, most other components are interchangeable (disk drives,
optical drives, wireless cards, etc.). With optical drives, you'll
sometimes get a  connector adapter and a face plate that you have to use.

It is more expensive to do thing this way. You will be paying retail for
every component, versus paying the tiny profit margin on a complete system.

The white box notebook makers use a standard chassis and have bunch of
different motherboards that they design to fit in the chassis. However
these notebooks are best avoided, as they often consist of "parts from
all over the world that no one else wants."

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