Broken laptop screen -- data transfer possible?

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Due to an unfortunate mishap, the LCD on my HP ze5300 is completely
inoperable.  It has power, but the screen appears to be cracked and
doesn't display anything except a couple of long diagonal lines across
a white screen.  I've replaced the laptop itself (it had some hard
drive/overheating issues and had lately taken to "physical memory dump"
BSoDs, so it wasn't a total loss) with an Acer Aspire 5000.

Would it be possible to hook up the HP to an external desktop monitor
in order to extract the relevant data (burn it to DVDs or transfer it
some other normal way)?

Alternately, is there any way I could hook up the HP to the Acer as a
sort of external hard drive and transfer the data like that?

Any ideas?


Re: Broken laptop screen -- data transfer possible?

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Yes, most laptops have a VGA output and you can just plug a monitor in.

You could also remove the HP's hard drive and put it into a USB2
enclosure (about 20 bucks from places like and then plug
it into your new laptop's USB port.  You'd then access the files
directly instead of messing with burning DVD's.

Re: Broken laptop screen -- data transfer possible?

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If none of the other suggestions work for you, you might try this.
There's a shareware program called totalcommander.
There's a utility (ltpdos) associated with it that can run from a win98
boot floppy and run under dos.  It allows you to connect via parallel
port to your other machine and have full access to the disk drive.
If you're not using fat32, may not work.
You'll have to try it on a working computer and figger out a couple of
blind keystrokes to turn it on.

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Re: Broken laptop screen -- data transfer possible?

There are so many ways to deal with this that it's almost impossible to
list them, but certainly you can connect an external CRT or desktop LCD
monitor.  Another option is to remove the hard drive and connect it to
another computer (without the laptop) using either an IDE or a
USB-to-IDE connection.

If you do use the computer, the best way is to use a network (Ethernet)
connection to another computer.

sadie flood wrote:

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