Broken laptop but good HDD. What to do?

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My HP-dv9000 (Win Vista) died but not because of a bad HDD. After I get a
new laptop I would imagine the images I created (Acronis) can not be
restored to the new laptop HDD. The drivers will be different and of course
there are the licenses for the software to contend with.
Can I just stick the old hard drive into the new laptop? Acronis claims to
have imaging software that can be restored to a different machine. Anybody
have any experience here?

Re: Broken laptop but good HDD. What to do?

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I did something like this once and the mother board of the new
computer died in a few days. Then I put the original HDD in the new
laptop and under the guaranty they changed the mother board.
Fortunatelly it coul be fixed but the whole process were very
inconvinient and I did not tried again. I have done the same thing
with desktops with no more problem than having to install a few
drivers so from my small experience I would say that this operation
works better with destops than with laptops.

Re: Broken laptop but good HDD. What to do?

Gary Helfert wrote:
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Unless the two computers are very similar, you can't just put it into a
different laptop and expect this to work. Although I have six Gateway
M465 laptops that you can swap the drives between them and it works

Yes Acronis has "Restore to dissimilar hardware" That plugs in all
generic drivers so it will boot up on virtually anything. You need the
Acronis Plus Pack. And the Plus Pack doesn't work alone I don't think.
You also need the regular Acronis program too.

Paragon has the same except theirs is called "Adaptive Restore". And it
is far cheaper than Acronis. I have Acronis, but no Plus Pack. I also
have Paragon products as well. And while I do have Adaptive Restore, I
never tried it. But one person on the Microsoft newsgroups claimed they
had tried Acronis and it worked.

Gateway M465e ('06 era) - OE-QuoteFix v1.19.2
Centrino Core Duo T2400 1.83GHz - 2GB - Windows XP SP3

Re: Broken laptop but good HDD. What to do?

On 06/01/2012 1:16 AM, Gary Helfert wrote:
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I had a desktop system with a Nvidia based motherboard go bad. I
replaced it with an AMD based motherboard. Just for kicks I booted it
up, expecting to have to do a reformat and reinstall. After about ten
minutes it had loaded Windows and installed the basic built-in drivers
itself. Then I was able to install the newer drivers. Kept using it for
a few months before I did reformat and reinstall.

This was Windows 7 x64, Vista **should** work similar I would think. The
laptop specific devices (camera, wifi, bluetooth, ...) would probably
need to have their own drivers installed.



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