Broken Key on Sony Laptop

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My daughter's laptop has a broken key near the center of the board. It's
really just missing. She took it to a Sony place, and they told her it would
cost many $ to repair. I have my doubts that it would be hard, but maybe. I
recall trying to disassemble it once for other reasons, and it was tricky
getting to the MB. In fact, I gave up. Later I found some pretty decent
instructions on the web. VIAO. Misplaced the model at the moment. It was not
real expensive. Under $800, and 2 years old.
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Re: Broken Key on Sony Laptop

W. eWatson wrote:
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A Sony keyboard is relatively cheap.  Go to,Laptop,Parts.aspx and see if
your Sony notebook is in the replacement keyboard index.

Keyboards are very easy to replace.  Google something like
"my_sony_notebook_part number assembly diagram".

Otherwise, just look at the bottom of the laptop for every occurrence of
=> near a screw hole. Take these screws out and the keyboard will be
available for removal. Note that the keyboard cable is very fragile; it
is removed by unlocking the cable at the motherboard end by lifting the
locking tabs.  Once the locking tabs are released, the cable falls out
(no force required).  Never force the keyboard cable.

Some Sony notebooks have four little tabs that you can see on the top
and bottom perimeters of the keyboard. Take a thin tool, like an X-acto
knife and press each tab down to release the keyboard.

OTOH, call the 800 number on the reference above and simply ask how to
replace the keyboard; they have been terribly responsive to every
question I have had with my three Sony notebooks.

Re: Broken Key on Sony Laptop

Laptop keyboards are usually not that expensive as parts (a typical
price is $30 to $50).  Also, on E-Bay, you can find some sellers who,
for certain brands and models, sell individual key mechanisms for
particular individual keys at $1 to $5 per key (Sony may not be one of
the ones commonly available, but it's worth a search).  Normally, for a
good technician with laptop training, neither replacing an individual
letter key nor an entire keyboard is very difficult.

W. eWatson wrote:
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