Broken DC input power connector for Toshiba Satellite 1750 notebook

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I accidentally dropped my Toshiba Satellite 1750 notebook PC on its rear
with the external power supply plugged into it.  It landed directly on the
power supply plug, and
broke off the DC input connector on the inside.

I have disassembled the entire the PC and removed the mainboard, and found
that the internal connector was soldered onto the mainboard.  Two solder
held it in place on the system board.  I unsoldered the connector and
two 24" long wires to the board, and reassembled.  Everything came back
but when I tried connecting the wires to the DIN plug from the external
supply, the power supply shut down as in a direct short.  Switching the
wires on the
plug (reversing polarity) resulted in the same thing.  Makes me think that
connector was a more than just a connector...but I don't know.

Does anyone know how I might be able to go about identifying the part number
for this connector?  Can you get a schematic for the system board that might
help to
identify it?  I really don't want to have to spend $200 for a new system
if I don't have to.

Thanks in advance,

Don Christine

Re: Broken DC input power connector for Toshiba Satellite 1750 notebook

The power connector on the 1750's that I've seen and repaired is just a
standard 2-wire coaxial jack -- it's not a "din" connector.  In fact,
until about a year ago, while they used a couple of different sizes,
Toshiba had never used DIN connectors for power.

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