Broken after 5 months. HELP PLEASE!

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Hello, I got a call from the repair shop for my laptop today, and I'm
about what they said. I use my laptop for work and school and
need it back soon.
Please help.

I bought a new laptop in May, and have used it daily since then. At the
end of
June a cup fell and broke and sprayed water all over my laptop.
Even though a
little bit of water usually isn't a problem according to
everyone I talked to I
took it back to the shop to get it checked out.

I turned the machine off, took out the battery and let it dry
overnight. The
next day I took it into the shop and told them about the
water. They turned it
on and the laptop worked fine, but it was making a
loud noise. They checked it
out, and told me that there was
_no_water_damage_. They did however fix two
sticky keys.

Two weeks ago it started over heating and shutting off on its own. I
tried all
the tricks for an overheating laptop and finally decided that
there must be
something wrong with the fan. I took it into the shop last
week, today I got a
call saying that every part of the laptop has water
damage. I haven't drank or
eaten anywhere near my laptop since the first
spill. So it's not new.

Since water damage isn't covered by insurance it's going to cost me
600$ to fix

Did I break my laptop five months ago or is something else going on?

Re: Broken after 5 months. HELP PLEASE!

I don't trust your shop.

Liquid spills sometimes start a corrosion process that takes time to
fully develop.  But usually it takes more than just water to do that,
soda or coffee or something like that.

Regardless, that won't cause overheating, which is usually due to a fan
and heatsink clogged with dirt, dust and hair.

Hard to say anything further without seeing the unit.

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Re: Broken after 5 months. HELP PLEASE!

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Perhaps also Nvidia problems with laptop chips overheating?


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Re: Broken after 5 months. HELP PLEASE!

Did you buy the laptop with a charge card? Often they will double the
warrenty period. Some will cover any damage (or theft) within the first 90
days of purchase. Check out this avenue. You should also check your
homeowners insurance policy.
Good luck.

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