Booting Pavilian From CD.

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Hi Folks:

    I've recently come into possession of my first laptop,
a used HP Pavilion zv5000.

    It's just back from the shop with a new drive and a
new installation of Windows XP.  Things are working fine.

    So I'd like to re-install XP.

    I inserted the CD and booted the machine, but the CD
was ignored and the system booted to XP on the hard drive.

    The PC came with a CD labeled "Operating System CD -
Microsoft Windows XP Home SP1a" and a note informing me
that the CD is only for distribution with an HP or Compaq

    I want to do some Software Development on this PC.
Laptops are stolen every day.  I'd like to protect
myself by putting the projects, with the source code, on
a partition protected by TrueCrypt.  That way, if the
laptop is stolen, the source code will be encrypted.

    I'd like to hear people's impressions of TrueCrypt.

    Is there any reason not to do what I'm planning?

    How do I boot from the XP CD?

    Any other advice?


Re: Booting Pavilian From CD.

Larryl wrote:

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Please note that Windows XP is not a secure operating system. It will
be possible for an attacker to recover some portion of your sourcecode
from temporary files and the paging file.

Re: Booting Pavilian From CD. wrote:
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Thanks zwsdotcom:

    TrueCrypt claims that all decryption is done in memory.

       From /:

       "TrueCrypt never saves any decrypted data to a disk "
       "it only stores them temporarily in RAM (memory)."

    I'm interested in any alternatives.

    How do developers deal with this issue?

    I appreciate your advice.


Re: Booting Pavilian From CD.

Larryl wrote:

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The compiler and editor have to load it. When they have it in memory it
can be paged out and will thus appear in the paging file. There is no
reason why a compiler or editor would lock down the memory they have
used to load a text file.

It's certainly not rare to find snippets of sourcecode and other data
from reused memory saved inside files - even in totally unrelated
documents (Office documents, for instance, frequently contain slices of
random memory that was allocated and not zeroed - MS has issued patches
to fix this, but I don't know if they cover all scenarios).

When you save a file from many programs, they save a temporary file
first, then delete the old file, then move the temporary file to the
new destination. (This temporary file would probably be on your
encrypted drive, but strange things do happen).

Etc, etc. Since neither the OS nor the apps you are using are secure,
you cannot assume that all your data is protected all the time.

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By controlling physical access to the machines that store and process

When I have to transport sourcecode for anything proprietary, I use a
little RSA utility I wrote many years ago (originally for OS/2 but
easily portable).

Re: Booting Pavilian From CD. wrote:
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Stop scaring Larry! Next thing we learn he works for the VA or
something. lol

Re: Booting Pavilian From CD.

Larryl wrote::
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Don't take this the wrong way, unless you want to, and then don't tell me.

I really wonder about the quality of software that you will be
developing if you do not even know how to get into the bios to change
the boot order?

It sounds like you want to reformat the drive, and partition it with the
OS on one partition, and the other one encrypted with your data, but it
also sounds like you don't know enough to know what to ask.

Why don't you get Partition Magic and just resize your partition, and
create another one.

You sound like those drivers I used to get at a call center. "How do I
turn my dome light off, why are all my dash lights are off, me check oil
level and brake way thats what the mechanic is for"

Ian Singer


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Re: Booting Pavilian From CD.

Larryl wrote:
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Hi Larry,

You do not need to create a separate partition for a TrueCrypt volume. TrueCryp=
t volumes can be created on any type of drive including thumb drives. When you =
mount them you can assign them, any available drive letter you chose.

Ciao . . . C.Joseph

Ciao . . . C.Joseph
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