booting linux distro on powerbook 5300cs

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Hello :)
Yesterday I bought Macintosh PowerBook 5300cs laptop, and borrowed
external Apple SCSI CDROM from friend with hdi-scsi adapter, so I can
read cd's with my laptop.
I have downloaded Debian Woody for ppc first cd.
When I am trying to boot from cd, pressing "c" key after mac doesn't
boot from cd.
Cdrom's light for one or two seconds become yellow and then mac boots
from hd into macos 7 i think.
Then I made floppy f to boot ( )
and laptop started to boot from it, and drawed penguin but then screen
becomes something seems to be mac version of blue death screen of
windows - disappoined mac icon :)
I suppose that woody doesn't support powerbook 5300cs though it is
rather old model, and have read in the net about selling laptop 5300cs
with debian sarge installed. Now I am downloading debian sarge iso
image to burn and hope it will solve my problems.

I also tried to boot yellowdog linux 2.0 but unsuccessfully.
I have read that any powerbook should boot from apple external cdrom.
But I don't know why my powerbook doesn't boot from it, I really
doesn't know why.

I know an image for slackware sbootmgr.img which allow to boot from
cdrom pc which doesn't support booting from cdrom, but can't find out
is there such image for ppc or not... afaik slack don't work on ppc.

So, any information which would help me install debian on my powerbook
will be very helpful


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