BOOTING CD on Compaq Presario

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Our laptop did a weird thing after we had just moved it
around from place to place.. nothing damaged...'twas working FINE just

It's now showing a black screen with white lettering stating that
something went wrong
with WINDOWS and displays choices (e.g. go to safe mode, start Win
use last config  etc) to attempt to get it BACK into windows...

When we try ALL these choices (safe mode ONLY showing lines of numbers
only) - it shows the Microsoft OS screen and THEN reverts to a bright
lightblue background with hard lettering that flashes for only a SECOND
- stating that there's something corrupt in the
win32 registry from the OS.....

Now, we're trying to BOOT  the original 'OS'disk to fix this of

...BUT we are unsuccessful at many attempts to do so....
the CD-ROM works OK, but we're simply not setting the laptop to BOOT
the CD......

So HOW do you boot the original OS disk from a CD on a
Compaq Presario 2001 model 1200 XL505?

What keys do you press either AFTER or BEFORE the bios password
..(whether you have to  ente the bios password or not)

...or if necessary, HOW TO SET the laptop's bios?

Any help would be appreciative.


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