Bluetooth device not found anymore

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Hello all,

I've tryed to search for manuals and internal structure of my Acer
Aspire 3650 and found no results. The problem is the following: the Lan
and the Wireless 800.11g is working fine but the Bluetooth stopped to
work. All parts/pieces are internals and I don't know how to locate it
or to make any test to redetec the bluetooth build-in board. This model
of laptop comes with two slide buttons that enable/disable the device
but I'm sure that the button isn't the problem. Any Idea what might be
the problem? I've recently added more 512GB of DDR2 533 to it and
everything is working smooth and ok but the Bluetooth stopped. I don't
know if the problem started before or after I've installed the memories
and I don't think that the install of the extra RAM module has anything
to do with the Bluetooth stopped to work. I can't find any manual with
the design of each part of it. The manual that came is very poor about
the hardware. I have Ubuntu 6.06 and Win XP PRO SP2 installed on it and
all but the Bluetooth is working fine. The driver of bluetooth said
that there is no bluetooth device found but I've used it some weeks
ago. The laptop don't suffered any stroke or fall.

Thank you all for the attention,


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