blue screen and now it won't boot

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Hi, I've got a Lenovo n100 that I purchased from newegg. It came in a
box that had been clearly damaged (large crunch in the side of the
outer box and the inner box which was inside 3" of peanuts). I didn't
sign for it, it was sitting on my porch when I got home. I needed the
computer so i've been using it anyway. (It's been about 1 week since I
recieved it).

I was playing half life yesterday when it froze and gave me the blue
screen. I tried to read it, but it flashed away within 3 seconds and
rebooted. Except it didn't boot. The screen stayed black.

I shut turned it off, pulled the plug & battery, left it for an hour,
came back and tried to boot. I can hear the hard drive spin up to speed
and the fan cut on, but that's it. the 'Lenovo' screen does not appear
(so I can't get to BIOS or thinkvantage recovery) the screen just stays

could this mean that the hdd, cpu, or vid card (go7300) has failed?

it took a hit from UPS and the hdd has been clicking... If I can't get
it working, I'd like to at least wipe the drive before I send it back
(I can do this through thinkvantage at the 'Lenovo' screen)...

any help is greatly appreciated!

Re: blue screen and now it won't boot

If it's as dead as you indicate, then probably the only way to wipe the
drive would be to take it out of that computer and install it on another
computer with an IDE or USB adapter.

Frankly, although I don't like to see packages treated like your
apparently was, given your description, I would not think that the
likely cause.  The two fragile items in a laptop are the screen and the
hard drive, and if both of them were sufficiently undamaged to run for a
week, it's unlikely that the damage to the packaging is the cause of the
failure that you are seeing.

mini chifa wrote:

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Re: blue screen and now it won't boot

Well, it seems to have fixed itself ?

I'm running diagnostics on it right now. Should I just return it to the
factory state and pack it back up or keep using it? I won't be able to
return it to newegg until next monday (July 2) at the earliest.
I would like to keep using it, but I can use this desktop until then if
I need to.


Re: blue screen and now it won't boot

mini chifa wrote:
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I would return it.  Barry is right: the package damage would have been
evident immediately.  The "clicking" might be the HD "click of death"
and a new purchase exchange within the grace period is a good choice, IMO.


Re: blue screen and now it won't boot

If newegg had insured that item, then UPS would be liable for the
damage.  Although my girlfriend works for UPS, I never really liked
them, and find they have a lot of issues and for the cost, I choose
another service if I have a choice.

The notebook HD is a lot more sensitive to shocks than the screen,
though it is easy to break.  Something went through the box if it
caused that kind of damage to the outer and inner boxes.  Hard drives
do not usually "click" when new unless subjected to excessive shock.

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