blank screen problem

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On my HP laptop i seem to be having a problem with the monitor/lcd

these are the symptoms.`..

If I leave my laptop idle, and the monitor powers down (energy saver),
when i return and move my mouse, the screen will not power back up and
stay blank. It seems i have to restart my computer for it to work

Now the problem is getting worse. Sometimes when I go to turn my laptop
on the LCD stays blank, you can hear windows start, but the screen just
stays black. If i try to restart, it may take up to 3-5 power downs and
ups to get it to turn back on again... what is my problem!

Nothing shows on the screen, no text or anything. Its black as if it
were off. Nothing happens if i close and open the laptop.

Im not sure what i should do, they you so much for any help!

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