Blank screen on Mesh Notebook

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Hi from the UK,

I have a laptop which runs on Window XP Home Edition and is described on the
invoice when it was purchase three years ago as a :

Mesh Discovery P4-14.1" Notebook - 817014.1

Recently I switched it just using the battery and didn't notice that the
charge was running low. I wanted to check a DVD so just put it in the drive
as normal and almost straight away the computer went into the Windows XP
hibernation routine.

So I plugged in the AC adapter thinking that this would solve the problem
but all I got was a blank screen. Thinking this might be related the fact
that the battery was flat I left it on charge overnight. Next morning when I
switched on,  to start with I got some very thin vertical coloured stripes
and also the light on usb mouse I had plugged in (the type without a ball)
flashed a few times then a dark vertical band came and went then the screen
when a pale grey colour but so sign of the usual opening up stuff. Since
then the vertical stripes do not appear, just a grey screen which sometimes
turns to black,

Is this connected the hibernation, the dvd or something else?  Any ideas how
I can sort this out? Your help would be much appreciated.

Best regards,


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