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my friends has lost a bios password of his notebook Compaq Presario
2100. Can you help me to remove this problem?

Re: bios password lost

buy a new one.  You probably need an update anyway.

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Re: bios password lost

Yes it is possible to remove or reset password. You have some work
ahead of you. You have to remove the cmos battery, this will
reset/remove the bios password.  the CMOS battery is located on the
bottom of the system board.  In essence the laptop has to be
dismanteled.  Once the system board is removed you will see the battery
on the bottom.  Remove for about 4 min, reassemble laptop and you will
be fine.

Hardware maintenance manuel:   Url:  ->

Re: bios password lost

Removing the CMOS battery will not reset the password on nearly any
laptop made in the last decade.  The passwords are all stored in flash
memory, which is non-volatile.

TheRegulator wrote:

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Re: bios password lost

Barry Watzman wrote:
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No longer the case for Power On Passwords (POP) Barry. For instance, all new
Thinkpads since at least the T4X series was introduced follow that exact
procedure to remove an unknown POP, remove the CMOS battery.

In the case of a Supervisor Password, you are correct that removing the
battery will have no effect.


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