bios in compaq 7400

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hi all

   i have compaq armada 7400 laptop which is very old 1 unfor there
been some virus in the system after i have down loaded new
version on yahoo mess
i am not able to open my i explorer . i wanted
to formate my laptop couple of
mess i have gone thg i found out that
f10 is the key to entire the bios as soon
as compaq log is displayed
on the computer hold f10 for 10 sec this is not
working with my
laptop can some 1 help me  ii have xp 2000 in my laptop

Re: bios in compaq 7400

hassel wrote:
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Re: bios in compaq 7400

its not supported operational system is not windows XP

can u plz let me know which is the way to entire bios for windows XP

Re: bios in compaq 7400

I do not understand your message - do not abbreviate so much.
BIOS has nothing to do with being in XP.
Are you ASKING us or telling us that it won't work with XP ?

If you are trying to UPDATE the bios , follow online info. You need to
create a floppy then boot from it.
HOWEVER - if PC is currently running XP, did you fdisk/format the
current drive ? Overwriting the factory info ?
Did F10 work prior to " virus " ? Did you ever try it ?

Power on the PC.  Do you see a big Q (or COMPAQ logo) in the first few
seconds after power on ?
Press F10 during that time -  THAT gets you into BIOS on a "good disk".
If you don't see the logo , do you see "Press F10" message ?

In case you are asking, Compaq link shows
SUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEMS: Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98,
Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.5, Microsoft Windows NT Workstation
4.0, Microsoft Windows 2000

If you are familiar with the hardware, how about hooking up the disk to
another system and running virus scan/repair from there ?

If you need more help, please re-enter question.

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