BIOS for acer 244LC?

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I own an Acer Travelmate 244LC, which according to everything I've read
should contain USB2.0 and other goodies. However both Windows and Linux
are certain only USB1.1 is fitted.

Other things have annoyed me as well, but I've forgotten which.

Anyway, I enter the bios settings to see if I can flip a switch or
something, but I notice the bios is convinced this is a 240LC.

So I wonder if I'm using the wrong bios - I've bought this new with
stickers and manuals and all for the 244LC - and search for another
bios. That appears to be impossible, though.
Does anyone know where to locate a bios for the 244LC? Acers homepage
has one bios for download for the 240-250 series computers only, which
flashes fine, but turns it into a 240LC.

And as Acer customer support seems to have misunderstood the word
"support", I hope you're able to help me.


-Kenneth Straarup.

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