Big Differnce between Celeron 1.5Ghz vs. AMD Sempron 1.8Ghz?

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I am looking at 2 "value" notebook computers (both ACER Aspire) from
different stores:

Notebook 1 ($716 cdn) -
Mobile AMD Sempron=99 Processor 3000+ (128KB L2 cache, 1.80GHz, up to
1600MHz system bus)
Other specs:      256MB DDR333 - 40GB HDD -  CD burner/DVD Combo

Notebook 2 ($700 cdn)
Intel=AE Celeron=AE M Processor 370 (1MB L2 cache, 1.50GHz, 400MHz FSB);
Other specs:      512MB DDR2 400  -  60 GB  - DVD Burner

Notebook #2 appears to be a better value (better DDR2 RAM, more RAM,
bigger HDD and DVD burner instead of CD burner) but it is has a bit
slower processor (1.5 vs 1.8).  Would the CPU matters that much?  Also
not sure about Celeron processors...

Comments? Suggestions?  

Re: Big Differnce between Celeron 1.5Ghz vs. AMD Sempron 1.8Ghz?

Melandre wrote:

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Hi Andre,

I've got a HP with similar specs to the 2nd Acer.

1.5 celeron performs quite OK for the average user.

Usually gives 2-2.5 hrs battery life for light-medium disc activity.

If it has the facilities to do what you expect to use it for then get

Rather than worry about the CPU (which should be ok in either case),
I'd be looking to get wifi and firewire in addition to the usual usb -
for my dollars.

WIFI in particular can be very handy for file transfers and mobile web

The other things to consider are the feel of the keyboard and touchpad,
and the screen itself.

I seriously dislike the shiny screens (crystalbrite) that most
manufacturers seem to be putting on laptops these days.  The matt
finish ones are much less prone to pick up reflections from windows and
fluros etc, even though the shiny screens look really good at first

Put a crystalbrite screen alongside a matt finish screen and see what I
mean. Matt is much less distracting.

Also, while Widescreen is pretty common now, and a bit more trendy, IMO
the square format is much better for web browsing and doument work as
it provides considerably more page depth for viewing.

The only thing that bugs me about my lappy is that the HD clicks quite
audibly when it seeks data.

Also the air intake port for the CPU fan on the bottom is right where
your knee goes if you use it on your lap....dumb design.

Apart from that its a beauty :-)



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