Best way to get Braodband access with laptop in England

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I will be travelling to England soon and would like to know what's the
best way to get braodband access using my laption while I am there. I
used to have a CompuServe dialup account (yes, it is ancient) and I
can just dial the local number. But that no longer hack it.

I heard of the AT&T card (but it seems only to have coverage in North
America - do they have one that has international access?). But I
would like to know whether someone here has real life experience on
this issue and can suggest a good way of doing this. I have to stay
with my elderly parents most of the time, so going to Internet cafe is
not an option. I need to be able to access broadband using my laptop
while sitting with them in northern England, and some times in an old
folks' home.

Any help is very much appreciated.


Re: Best way to get Braodband access with laptop in England

phuile wrote:
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Two problems here. Firstly a broadband subscription is associated with
one telephone number - it's not usually possible to use the same account
on two different telephone numbers which you would have to use from the
two locations you mentioned.
Secondly, most broadband subscriptions are on a 12 month contract. How
long will you be here for? There *are* some pay as you go subs available

Whether you would want to take out two of these, one for your parent's
house and one for the Home is another matter, assuming that you could
get the use of a line at the Home.
The other option is to look at accessing via your mobile phone. I don't
know what sort of bandwidth you would get on that, probably not as fast
as "normal2 broadband, but it would solve the problem of accessing in
more than one location.
here's one possibility....


Re: Best way to get Braodband access with laptop in England

Sorry, perhaps I am not as clear as I thought I was. I am looking into
all options, so that includes wireless access.

I was told that, for example, there is an AT&T card that you can slot
into your laptop and with a service plan, you can access the Internet
anywhere in the world. But if I am going the wireless route, what is
the best way to go?

I have asked this question in another forum a year ago, and someone
replied that there are "lots" of ways and all I need to do is to
google and some plans will come up. But I've since lost that
information. I am hoping that someone would know what is the best way
to go.

Some additional information - I am in Canada, and every time I travel
to the UK, it's usually for a period of 2-3 weeks.


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