Best quality laptops, 2-3 years old?

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I asked this group the same question about 2-1/2 years ago. At that
time the concensus was that IBM Thinkpads and Toshibas were the best
for quality.

Since then I had a Thinkpad 600E for about 1-1/2 years, and then a 600X
which I am currently using.

Now I want to get something newer, about 1 to 3 years old, and smaller,
like those lightweight notebooks that only have a hard drive, with the
CD or floppy external.

Any recommendations or opinions on which brands are the best?


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Cool your jets, Jon.

You've posted 3 times, in the last half hour.

As soon as someone has an answer, they'll reply.


Re: Best quality laptops, 2-3 years old?

Sorry, Google was gave me an error message when I tried to post this
message the first couple of times. The error was probably due to the
fact that I was using a very slow connection yesterday, painfully slow

Re: Best quality laptops, 2-3 years old?

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I've always thought the Fujitsu Lifebooks looked nice and I haven't heard
anyone complaining about them too loudly here or elsewhere.  Have you
checked e-Bay for going rates on these laptops lately?  (A good sign is that
there aren't all that many of them offered up for auction which means that
people are probably hanging onto them rather than ditching them right and
left like they are wont to do with some Compaqs and other brands.)

I am very partial to Sony Vaios but you are paying more for the name than
anything else and with a used laptop that's not a good bargain.  But my
latest purchase on e-Bay was my husband's Sony Vaio FX310 which I got for
$385 plus $30 S&H.  The laptop is a 900MHz machine with 512MB RAM (the
original owner doubled the shipped RAM), BUT a puny (20MB) hard drive.

Your biggest concern will be the size of the drive and the installed RAM.
And if the laptop ships without install/restore software (as most do), then
you may be in a bind if you want to (a) upgrade the drive or (b) perform a


Re: Best quality laptops, 2-3 years old?

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If you like IBM, the T30s are a good compromise between decent power,
reliability, and cost.

Last used laptop I bought for a friend was a Dell with 6 months of
warranty left on it.  It never had any problems, but it was nice to
know that the warranty was there.

Neil Maxwell - I don't speak for my employer

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