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Hi there. I've got a Dell at the moment. It's ok I guess but my wife needs a
laptop for simple stuff like email and net so I'll give that to her. I need
a machine that's good for photo editing on the run but not to large.

Anyway, what would you consider to be the BEST build quality of all laptops
(ex Mac)


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Re: Best laptop (not MAC)

Some Dells, some Toshibas, some Thinkpads (Lenovo).

There really is no "best" laptop.

Kelpie wrote:
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Re: Best laptop (not MAC)

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Worth looking at warranty & support when deciding too.

Toshiba are doing a deal whereby if your laptop breaks in the first year
they refund you *and* replace it - or something like that.

Acer on the other hand are really shabby on support at the moment - laptop
repairs taking over a month and poor communication.

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Re: Best laptop (not MAC)

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I like Dell Latitudes. They're also pretty easy to service. (dell
provides free online service manuals, which is a big plus).

IBM (now Lenovo) also provides free service manuals, but their support
site is more awkward. IBM in general is OK.

Interestingly, Macs laptops are about average quality, unless you buy
the first revision of a new model, in which case, the quality drops
quite a few points. And some of those beasties are a pain to take

Avoid Sony. Nice screen, but otherwise a fragile unit. I've seen too
many dead ones.

Avoid emachines. Friends don't let friends buy emachines. Their
desktops are time bombs that spontaneously self destruct.

Re: Best laptop (not MAC)

Am Wed, 28 Mar 2007 09:39:09 +1000 schrieb Kelpie:

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Probably the Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 would have the best build quality.
:-) Yet that's intended to be used for military purposes, on expedition or
on building sites.

Generally those laptops aimed at business users tend to have the better
build quality - to name a few Thinkpad T, HP nc/nx, FSC Lifebooks, some
Acer TravelMates, Toshiba Tecra M/S, Samsung P50/P60/X60.

As for your intended use of photo editing... It might be worth considering
to get a laptop with FlexView display, ideally a SXGA+ 14". This screen is
optional on some Thinkpad R and T models and offers a much wider viewing
angle and better contrast. The disadvantage is that the energy consumption
of this display is a bit higher.
Here is an overview about models equipped with FlexView:


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