Best Laptop For Video Editing/ Music

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I am purchasing my first laptop. It will mainly be used for video
editing . I want a pc since i have used them since i was 10 (17 Years

i dont mind spending up to 1500$

can anyone recommend  video cards how much ram i need ,processors

or even websites that specialize in buliding laptops for this

thanks in advance

Re: Best Laptop For Video Editing/ Music

Fastest you can afford.  Ripping videos can take hours;  longer part of a
day if it is really slow.  My old 1 GHz has taken as long as 15 hours on a
rip.  The 3 GHz as long as 5 hours.  (These are DVD rips to a small Archo's
multimedia player which needs AVI files).


Re: Best Laptop For Video Editing/ Music

Video editing is best done on a desktop.  It can be done on a laptop,
but you will never find a laptop that will do it as well as a desktop.

The first consideration is the hard drive, you need the largest possible
hard drive (Ideally, 200 gigs or more).  Problem is, the largest laptop
hard drive currently made is 100 gigs, and I think only 5400 rpm.  You
might want to look into an external USB 2 desktop hard drive.

There are issues everywhere else, CPU, memory, capture devices, etc.
Granted, all of them can be addressed (with varying degrees of cost and
difficulty), but the bottom line is that if you do this on a laptop, you
will probalby end up using a lot of external devices in a system costing
twice what a desktop will cost and having 25% to 50% less performance.

Video card isn't an issue for video editing (that is a common
misconception, but video editing does not require high-end video cards),
but you need the largest/fastest available drive, at least 512 megs of
memory, and within reason the fastest possible CPU that you can get.
You didn't say if the "capture" is from analog or digital, but you will
need a firewire port (either built-in or PC Card), and if doing analog
capture probably an external capture device.  Given that the largest
laptop drive made is 100 gigs, you will probably want an external
desktop USB or firewire hard drive, and there is a good chance that you
will want an external DVD burner (laptops with internal DVD burners are
avaialble, but they are not as good as the larger-sized desktop drives).

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Re: Best Laptop For Video Editing/ Music

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All excellent advice. I think the most significant laptop limitation is the
hard drive. Most people advise using a drive for captured files that is
physically separate from the drive containing the OS. The drive needs to be
big and fast. You have to realize that typical editing software captures
your video as a series of video files that remain intact even after you've
completed the editing process. The final product is "rendered" by
incorporating all your edits into a final video file. So if you use a bulky
file format such as avi (~13GB/hr) you can wind up using TWICE the space
taken up by the captured video alone. Interestingly, I did my first video
editing years ago using a 40GB drive. Now I have a separate 200 GB drive and
still have to transfer files to an external drive.

Re: Best Laptop For Video Editing/ Music


Some Laptops today can compete with the most desktops. Video editing  
performance depends mainly on processor power, available memory, bus and  
hard drive speed rather than on the video card. Take a look at those 2  
premium offers within you price limit: with a Pentium M Processor 770 (2.13  
GHz/2MB Cache/533MHz FSB), 15.4 inch WXGA LCD Panel, 100GB Hard Drive  
(5400 RPM), 8x CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW) and 1 Year Warranty.

If you would prefer a high end video card and a 17 inch Wide Screen  
Display and even a 7600 RPM hard drive to the processor power (for your  
price limit), take a look at this dell offer


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