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I have a Dell510m notebook. The CDRW/DVD drive was wonky but Dell replaced
it asap when I complained about it. Amazing! They didnt give me any hassles.

I asked whether I could replace it with a DELL DVD burner- and pay the
difference+a little extra but they said no. They also quoted me $400
(US$300) to buy a new DELL DVD Burner.

It seemed a bit steep so I demurred. Which they had offered that option

I need a DVD burner cos I burn quite a  few "movies", I work in a property
firm, and I have to take video of properties/ construction work in progress,
burn it into a DVD and post them off to clients etc..

In my spare time, I download TV shows and burn them onto DVDs whenever I
have to go to overseas places like Kuwait or Australia etc..

I'm currently looking for a good reliable portable DVD burner. Anyhow care
to recommend one?

Its not so important, but, is there one out now that can also play
multiregional DVDs?


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Re: Best external DVD burner

Wily Wilde wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it , - NEC, Lighton, Plextor full size
drives have received good ratings, FWIW. Put one of these in an external
USB2 or Firewire enclosure if you don't care too much about the size and
weight.  NEC 6500 series slimline drive and a slimline enclosure might
be better, but more expensive (and it might fit the laptop, also)  Dunno
about region-free drives.


Re: Best external DVD burner

Get a desktop 5.25" Pioneer "09" series DVD burner and put it into an
external USB 2 case.  About $50 for the burner and $30 for the case.
The Pioneer is, in my opinion (and the opinion of a lot of other people
who use and service these heavily) the best optical drive currently in

Wily Wilde wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Re: Best external DVD burner

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Hows about any decent internal desktop DVD writer and one of these:


The current all formats LG model is particularly reccomended and can be
found on the 'net for under 50.


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