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I was a very happy Toshiba Satellite M30 portable owner, until a few days
ago when the screen blacked out, and service required. Fortunatelly still in
warranty terms.

As a ICT consultant I've advised some friends in the past 10 years to buy
Toshiba portables, and never had complains from them.

But now, I'm wishing if this is still the true, wondering if the screen will
fault again.

To be honest Satellites aren't considered business (tough and reliable?)
solutions, nevertheless since april 2004 when I've bought it, I've packed it
every day in my computer case, filled by foam rubber, up and down
home-office, many times under the seat of my motorbike,  (There's enough
room to fit a helmet, just to give an idea of how much roome is available)
sometimes car, sometimes motorbike + backpack.

Two months ago I've replaced the quite good hard disk supplied by Toshiba
with a speed lightning Hitachi's 7200rpm/100GB, and definitely turned off my
office desktop.

At this point, I'm wondering if it would be wise to switch to another
portable, eventually of another brand.

Absolute reliability, and tough duty capability, no matter road bumpiness;
Performance (Centrino, wifi, 1394, blutooth)
Wide screen

Docking station

Any thougths appreciated.

The computer case

Re: (Best?) - Desktop replacemnt

You should get notebook that is designed to withstand shock better than
normal ones.
Unforunately many of them are not that powerful  to be considered in
the desktop replacement category.

Many of the desktop replacements are not designed for rough and tumble
use and must be treated with the same care as other common notebooks.

The most popular tough notebooks used by the military and the field
workers  are the panasonic toughbooks but other manufacturers have
their own versions also.
I don't know if any of these manufacturers have the tough desktop
replacements systems.

The armoring of the notebooks contribute so much for the weight( in the
same way  does as it does to a battle tank) that its not worthwile to
make it heavier by using the usually big notebook and encased with
thick protective casing.

Mastercherry wrote:
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Re: (Best?) - Desktop replacemnt

BTW the closest you can get to the desktop replacement system with
panasonic toughbooks is this

'Toughbook 51'

Re: (Best?) - Desktop replacemnt

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Isn't teher any weel known common/commercial product?

Re: (Best?) - Desktop replacemnt

Roy wrote:
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I don't believe you need a special armored notebook.
I've carried my T40 in a backpack (not a special laptop bag) every
weekday for 3 years, and the only thing to go is the dvd drive and one
of the PCMCIA ejection buttons (the slot itself is still fine).  Optical
drives always die after a while.

Anyways, there's no way the cladding on an "armored" notebook would
absorb as much shock as the think foam in his laptop bag, and I don't
believe the components themselves (such as the LCD backlight or optical
drive) are custom made.

Re: (Best?) - Desktop replacemnt

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I don't need it either, but....but  tell that to the people who work in
rugged environment...such as soldierss etc...
If somebody is not contented with the ruggedness of  the ordinary
notebook they will opt for the ruggedized version

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IIRc the LCD case  is reinforced for better strength.
If you visit the toughbook  and related sites for ruggedized notebooks
you will see  and understand how these instruments are rigorously
tested...., and  I don't think that your notebook nor mine can
withstand those tests

Re: (Best?) - Desktop replacemnt

Roy wrote:

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An extra-stiff lid does seem like a very good idea.
Either that, or if they could make a flexible LCD somehow.

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