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Re: Best bang for my laptop buck ?

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Re: Best bang for my laptop buck ?

mike wrote:
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I have a hard time using my two Toshiba 2595XDVD 400MHZ (Celeron), 192MB
(maxed), and 6GB HD for much anymore. Even IMing it is so painful. The
modern versions of the simpliest software just kills these machines. If
I were just running software before '99, they would be just fine. But it
just isn't possible anymore. <sigh>

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Well my desktop AMD 1.2GHZ hardware failed I believe. And I couldn't get
on the network anymore. I tried everything, different brand name WiFi
cards, WiFi USB devices, direct connect, fresh install of the OS, and
swapping parts from another same machine. Actually mine was working and
I swapped out parts to make the other work and then mine stopped working
too. :(

So does this qualify as an emergency? I thought so. So I bought a
refurbushed $499 laptop after a $100 rebate. Dang TigerDirect makes you
go through 4 hours of jumping through hoops to get it though. It's
almost not even worth the trouble. And I don't have Frys, BestBuy or
nothing living in the middle of nowhere. But dang they got a Home Depot
and a Wal-Mart here though. :(

Oh and it has a trial version of MS Office 2003. I tried to activate it
and it says to use the key code from my MS Works install disc that I
got. Yes Works is installed, but no MS Works install disc or keycode was
included. lol The Works install is probably on the recovery disc which
wipes everything out and makes an imagine of everything like when it was
new. lol A lot of good that helps me. ;)

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