Belkin Pre-N on Windows 98. Any way to do it?

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I have a windows 98 SE laptop.  I bought the Belkin Pre-N wireless
adapter, and the setup files will not run on it.

I have installed the Remote Desktop Connection piece of Windows XP on
my 98 SE for work.

Is there by any chance a piece of XP I can install, that will let me
run these setups.  (I don't believe my laptop has what is required for
XP).  The file names on the CD are:


Then there's a folder called Software and in that there's:

I'm hoping I didn't waste $100 on my adapter.  Any help would be
greatly appreciated!


Re: Belkin Pre-N on Windows 98. Any way to do it? wrote:

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If you bought a Belkin for $100 you wasted your money even if it does work.
"Pre-N" is meaningless--it may or may not be in compliance with some future
specification that may or may not be released--it gets down to being a
proprietary product from a company not noted for the quality of its
networking equipment.

For the same price (or a lot less online) you could have gotten a Linksys
WPC55AG that is standards-compliant, supports all three established wifi
standards, has support for all flavors of Windows and is made by a division
of Cisco.

You might if you're lucky be able to identify the chip used in the thing and
if so maybe the chip manufacturer will have drivers for Windows 98, but
don't bet on it.
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Re: Belkin Pre-N on Windows 98. Any way to do it?

If it is a recent purchase return the critter.
Have you asked Belkin, they are usually helpful?

-- /; See Howard Kaikow's web site.
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Re: Belkin Pre-N on Windows 98. Any way to do it?

Yes, I returned it.  We actually couldn't get the router working,
either - even w/ my old netgear adapter.  I was on the phone for 1 hour
w/ support.  They told me to return it.  So I went back to my netgear
set up.  I was just looking to boost my range.

Thanks for your input.  Belkin's support was really nice, but just
couldn't get it working.

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