Battery weight and charge times

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Note: I apologize for the long post but wanted to provide all of the

I am considering purchasing a NX260X or M255 Thin and Light notebook
from Gateway. The web site in general has been easy to use and the
sales staff responsive except when it comes to the weight and normal
battery life. It seems to be the same across all manufactures. They
will not post the specs in an easy to find place - you have to hunt
forever or ask fifty sales people where they are.

My questions are:
1) From the specs below, can someone give me some estimate on normal
battery life from the Battery Options 2 section (This is with the
wireless or a 10/100 ethernet connection to the internet with basic
web browsing and 2 or 3 applications like Word and Excell running and
not doing heavy IO or data processing)

NX260X Battery Options 1 - is fairly easy to find from the buy and
customize area
NX260X Battery Options 2 - was difficult to find and only happened on
it when receiving information directly from Gateway about the battery

* also note that the AC Adapter adds .82 lbs weight to your overall
carrying weight
** I have gotten ranges from:
6-cell 3 - 3.5 hrs
8-cell 4 - 4.5 hrs
12-cell 5+ hrs

*** From a review probably written by Gateway: Weighing only 5.21
pounds, the lightweight PC delivers extended battery life of up to
nine hours on a single charge using a combination of the
high-capacity (12-cell) and modular bay batteries.

NX260X Battery Options 1:
- this page has a link Complete Specifications
With 6-Cell and Weight Saver-5.21 lbs   * weight saver plugs into the
modular bay as a dummy drive
With 6-Cell and CD-ROM-5.47lbs
With 8-Cell and CD-ROM-5.65 lbs
With 12-Cell and CD-ROM-6.08 lbs)  
Primary 6-cell Lithium ion battery with AC pack and 1 yr. limited
battery warranty
Primary 8-cell Lithium ion battery with AC pack and 1 yr. limited
battery warranty
Primary 12-cell Lithium ion battery with AC pack and 1 yr. limited
battery warranty (to accommodate additional cells, this battery
extends beyond the end of the system)

NX260X Battery Options 2:

Removable, High-Capacity 12-cell Lithium Ion Battery
Capacity: 97 WHr
Weight: 1.39 pounds

Removable, Extended 8-cell Lithium Ion Battery
Capacity: 79.96 WHr
Weight: 0.93 pounds

Removable, Standard 6-cell Lithium Ion Battery
Capacity: 57.72 WHr
Weight: 0.77 pounds

Removable, 6-cell Modular Bay Battery (Prismatic) - plugs into where
the CD-DVD drive is
Capacity: 38 WHr
Weight: 0.60 pounds
ACPI V2.0 Power Management support

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