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Hi guys, I just bought a new HP 17" laptop computer. My question is, I
always have it plugged into 120 ac wall plugs. I move it around a lot,
but I always have a plug handy. Should I remove the battery, put it away
and save it for a time when I need to go completely portable?
Does just leaving it in the 'puter really make any deference in battery
life or will it crap out just as fast anyway.
BTW> It's always unplugged from 120 ac wall outlet when not in use and
shut down.
thanks ....jerry

Re: Battery Question

Yes, I would remove the battery (although you should give it some
activity every few months).  There is no reason to unplug the computer
when it's not in use.  If it stays in more or less the same place, I'd
get an inexpensive small UPS (say an APC 350VA model) and plug the power
unit into the UPS.

Alibi10 Jerry wrote:
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Re: Battery Question

If the laptop will work without the battery inserted then great,
remove it put it to one side.  However, some laptops require the
battery to be kept inserted for the laptop to operate normally.

When, removing the battery store in cool dry place, preferably in an
airtight container, make sure it has about 40% charge.  Like Barry
said exercise your battery every few weeks or once a month.

Hope this helps.

Battery Guru

Re: Battery Question

I service laptops and I have not seen a laptop that would not work with
the battery removed in a decade. wrote:
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Re: Battery Question

Barry Watzman wrote:
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He didn't say it wouldn't work at all Barry, just that it wouldn't work

There are many laptops extant where the Intel CPU is crippled and won't run
at its max speed unless _both_ AC and battery are connected.

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Re: Battery Question

I'll try it without the battery tomorrow and get back to you guys.
.thanks ...jerry

Re: Battery Question, never thought of that or tried it!
My old (20 year old) laptop would, but I haven't tryed the new one, but
my money is on you.

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