Battery Light/Gauge

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I own a 1990 GMC Sierra 1500 and just today my 'battery' light came on
and the in-dash voltmeter shows approx 10V. Seeing this I thought s%^t
my alternator just died and it's not charging and I'm running off my
battery which is going to die soon. So I drove home, left the truck
running and popped the hood. I put a voltmeter across both battery
terminals and got a reading of 14.4V! What could be the problem??
Defective in-dash voltmeter?? Bad ground somewhere?? Bad battery?? The
battery terminals are not loose.

Also my brake light came on a couple days ago. I needed front brakes
(which I thought caused the light to come on), so I replaced them
today, topped up the brake fluid and the brake light is still on. Any
ideas what could cause the brake light to remain on?? I replaced the
rear brakes last year. I did not see any leaks today (cylinders,
calipers, lines, etc...). Could it be the master cylinder?? The brake
pedal is right up and does not go to the floor.

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