Battery defunct, or other problem?

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Have had an Averatec laptop for about three years.  Almost always keep
it plugged in (i.e., do not rely on the battery).  The 'battery charge
meter' indicates the bat is 82% charged, and I just did the "recharge"
routine suggested by the manual, but ... when I unplug the computer,
it won't operate.  Apparently it is not "switching" to battery power
for whatever reason. Or the battery is really dead, despite the
'battery charge meter' reading.
Or something.
Any suggestions?

(And pardon me if I don't get back here for a few days to respond to
-- or thank you for -- any responese, but I have to rely on the local
library for internet access.)


Re: Battery defunct, or other problem?

Harry Truman typed on Sat, 25 Oct 2008 12:09:07 -0700 (PDT):
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Hi Christopher! Leaving a battery in the laptop and having it plugged into
the AC all of the time and having the battery last 3 years is doing great.
As that is virtually unheard of. So I would give it odds of 99% or better
that battery is dead.

What some of us do is to remove the battery except for charging or actually
using it. They can last 10 or more years this way. The reason being is the
heat kills it and also charging it while it is warm also kills it in time.

Some worry about losing power while using their laptop without the battery.
What we do to solve that is buy a cheap UPS. Thus if the power goes out, the
UPS takes over. Many argue that UPS are cheaper than laptop batteries. That
is true in most cases.

Some argue that a UPS doesn't help if their DC jack is loose or somebody
trips over it and it unplugs. Well I don't have that problem. But in this
case, I guess you are stuck buying laptop batteries then. As I don't have a
better solution for that one.

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