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I have two laptops, one uses a 70 watt battery charger, and the other uses a
90 watt charger. I want to purchase one of those third-party charges with
multiple tips to have a backup charger if the factory unit fails.

Should I purchase a 70 watt charger that can charge the 90 watt notebook
battery but at a slower rate, or purchase a 90 watt charger and use it to
charge both the 70 watt and 90 watt battery. I don't want to damage the
notebook battery or cause a fire, so I assume the 70 watt charger is the way
to go.

Is my thinking correct?


Re: Battery Charger Question

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No, get a 90 watt or better. More doesn't hurt anything, except they
cost more and are more likely to draw more power, but that is it. You
could put a 9000 watt supply on it and it still won't hurt anything.
Assuming you have the right voltage and polarity of course.


Re: Battery Charger Question

Actually, no, your logic is totally faulty.  The laptops determines how
much power it uses.  Look at it this way:  Your house has [typically]
200 amp service, which is over 20,000 watts.  But you can still plug in
a 7-watt night light without difficulty, and without damaging it.  Just
as you can drive 100 miles in a car whose gas tank holds enough gas to
go 600 miles.  The power rating is only the MAXIMUM that the adapter can
supply.  The load (the laptop) determines how much power will actually
be delivered. wrote:
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Re: Battery Charger Question -Thanks!

Thanks for the information and for correcting my faulty logic. I'll get the
90 watt recharger.

Re: Battery Charger Question -Thanks!

Make sure that the charger comes with a tip for the 90w computer. For
example, the new IBM Z series use a power connector that most third
party power supplies don't yet have.

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