Battery capacity - Compaq vs HP

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Can someone pls explain whether the battery from these notebooks are

My Compaq Presario V1000 comes with a battery with these rating : 10.8V
4.4AHr. It has enough juice for about 2.5hours of office usage (word
processing mostly).

My colleague has a HP laptop which looks almost the same as mine (the
placement of all the ports, speakers, etc etc are identical; only some
buttons are round instead of rectangular). I think both are based on
the same design. Anyway this laptop comes with a diferent battery pack
with rating of 18V (and around 4AHr IIRC). My colleague said he can get
more than 3hours usage from each charge.

Both machine came with identical charger (DC output is 18.5V/3.5A).

a) Is the 18V rating on the HP pack for real or a typo?
b) Is it normal to have such high voltage for a laptop?
c) If I plug the HP battery into the Compaq, will it fry the Compaq?
d) Is it fair to assume that the Compaq does have some form of
over-voltage protection?


Re: Battery capacity - Compaq vs HP

I would presume that the batteries are absolutely not interchangeable
and that an attempt to do so could well damage the laptop and the battery. wrote:

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