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         After reading the last couple of posts, I thought I should
recommend taking a look at what my website has to offer you.
Refurbished laptops are the majority of what we have to offer... Though
we do carry other named brand electronics as well.  Most all our
laptops are basically new, and come with warranty.  Were an associated
Yahoo Store, as well as a Verified Business through Paypal.  The only
items you'll find on our site are ones that are worth being there.  I
never really understood why Business's would list items on their
website knowing that the price there asking for is sometimes double the
price listed with another Business or website.  Why even list the item?
But more importantly why waste your customers time with making them
have to do the work in finding out which products are really worth
buying and which aren't.  Making sure our customers are satisfied and
happy is our demand, and we understand that when your looking for the
best prices you want the best prices and that's what we have to offer.

         Also, something else you can expect is Variety.  No one
is alike when it comes to what they can or cannot spend at a given
time.  We offer prices and services that fits can fit anyones needs.

         If it posts correctly, at the end of this post should appear a
link to our site.  Just take a look around and see what we have to
offer...  A couple areas of the site are still underway and should be
up and running shortly. (such as our downloads section).  If theres
anything while viewing the site you have questions or comments
about...Please direct them to my attention.  Our Help/Support link to
send any comments or questions   can easily be found via anypage.

                                              Thanks for your time &
hope I was able to help!


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If the hyperlink is not display or unclickable above here, just copy
and paste the following into your web browser:

                     Jamie Duggan



Re: Bargin Laptops with Affordable prices! wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I just clicked on the 'Hot Deals', which were indeed, pretty good.
OTOH, your site....

DROP the intro screen!

Just get rid of it.  It's cute and all, but who wants to wait for it to
load?  According to 'thousand-one, thousand-two....' it took 15 seconds.
  Many new viewers will click to the next site by then.  Returning
visitors have already seen it...and how many times does one need to
see...who are you trying to impress?  Sites that think they're so
important that you must wait for some masturbatory cutesy graphics, IMO,
are more about the developer than the viewer.

The little beeps when mousing over topics are annoying as well.


Re: Bargin Laptops with Affordable prices! wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

That is one of the cheesiest, naffest websites I have ever seen.


I am not a marketing target ... I am a free man.

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