Bad Video Driver Inspiron 8200, Windows XP

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My Dell Inspiron 8200 video card driver is corrupted. I'm running
Windows XP with the most recent security updates.

I get weird lines in 1600x1200 mode, and when I try to suspend, I get
an error message that there's a problem with the driver. The problems
occured directly after a game crashed so badly on the system that I
had to hard shut down the system (hold down the power button till it
powered off).

I have a replacement driver from the dell site, however, when I go
through device manager and 'update driver', even though it tells me
the process is sucessful, the video issues occur.

I suspect there's a corrupted file or dll that isn't over-writing

I'd like to "remove device" for the video card, and then have windows
XP autodetect on the first boot, and install a basic driver that comes
with XP. Then, once that works, I can reinstall the correct driver.
I'm concerned that doing so will present me with a blank display,
however (I'm not sure if XP can load enough so I can see what's
happening while it resinstalled a basic driver).

Will this work, or, do you have any other suggestions on getting the
bad driver completely cleaned out before installing the good driver?


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Re: Bad Video Driver Inspiron 8200, Windows XP

There's a chance that this is a hardware problem, not a software problem.

However, if you remove the driver, it should still work in 16-color VGA
mode (640x480, probably).  It will be AWFUL, but you should have a
display on the screen.

Gwen Morse wrote:
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Re: Bad Video Driver Inspiron 8200, Windows XP

On Wed, 03 Oct 2007 19:39:36 -0400, Barry Watzman

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Thanks, I'll give it a try and see if installing the driver fresh over
the 16-bit default works.

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Re: Bad Video Driver Inspiron 8200, Windows XP

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I'd put money on this being a hardware problem.  Is it more prevalent
when you've been gaming, and pushing that 3d card hard so it heats
up?  Assuming you're out of warranty, you might want to open your
laptop and check the heatsink's still attached correctly to the GPU
and that all your fans are working correctly.  The I8200s have a
reputation for running hot anyway, and heat tends to encourage
hardware failures...Ric

Re: Bad Video Driver Inspiron 8200, Windows XP

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I haven't seen anyone else say this, but have your Run "chkdsk /f /r"
yet?  Ric is correct that this could very well be a hardware issue
with your graphics processor beginning to fail, but it couldn't hurt
to have XP check the hard-disk drive and the structures and files on
it before doing anything else.

After the disk check, I would copy-off or back-up any folders, files,
and programs that you would like to keep then copy off any service-
packs, updates, and especially drivers which you will need during or
after operating system installation, and then go ahead and download
the newest driver for your video card and install it.  If everything
works out, you're good to go, and if not, then recovering (fresh
format-and-install, reloading programs, copying your documents back)
will only take a few hours (or less), and most of that is click a few
buttons and walk away.  Even if just installing the new driver takes
care of the current specific issue, sooner or later you will probably
want to have those back-ups and the means to recover.

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