Bad design at Toshiba 3000 A425

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I'm giving up on Toshiba latops.  The early ones I had were great -
small, reliable, and above all STURDY.   Nowadays, they have become
larger, and much less solid.  It's time to move on!

The problem is basically a question of poor design.  My 3000 A425 has
a latch made of plastic, an absurd material for such a small,
high-impact and vitally important part.  It has broken twice.  The
replacement cost is $100 per latch.

The surround to the catch is made out of the same fragile plastic.  On
it hinges the whole architecture of the machine, not strong anyway
because of the two removable bays (CD bay and battery bay).  To
replace the plastic part in which the catch is embedded would require
replacing the casing of the whole machine - a huge operation, very

This is just bad design.

Re: Bad design at Toshiba 3000 A425

I don't know the particular modell to which you refer, but there are
Toshiba laptops and Toshiba laptops. As I recall, The Satellite models
are the cheapest and have the shortest warranties. Then come the
Satellite Pro models. Then there used to be (are there still?) the Tecra
models. Etc.


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Re: Bad design at Toshiba 3000 A425

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I agree with you that the latest laptops are piss poor to unreal in their
design for toughness.  This applies to all brands (except IBM and Panasonic,
The problem is that the manufacturers are trying to mass market them.  To do
that they need the costs to be low, so they send the work to China or
Taiwan.  The Korean and Japanese manufactured units were of much better
quality.  But, it is not only the manufacturers involved here.  It is the
consumer not doing their job in demanding better quality and be willing to
pay for it.  So, go tell your friends and coworkers that the stuff out there
is junk.  If we stop buying them, then perhaps the manufacturers will do a
market study and find that we demand more quality from the product.

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