Bad battery ??

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I am having a power problem when my laptop is on battery power.

This is a HP N6395, bought used from a friend, Win ME, works great on AV
power.  OEM battery is totally dead so ordered a non-OEM replacement
that meets or exceeds OEM specs, Lithium oxide, 14.8 volt, 4000mAH.

So, using the Power Management program, the battery charges to 100%,
battery check button on side of battery will light all lights.

The Power setting for battery are all set to Never in order to monitor
this problem so it's not shutting down due to that.

At 83% battery the computer will shut down.  No suspend or hibernate,
totally dead shutdown, as if the plug were pulled.  Remove battery and
check button still lights all lights.  Replace battery and it will
charge to a stated 100% and after removing AC power cord it will again
shut down at a stated 83% remaining charge.

Is this battery bad or do I have an internal problem ?

Thanks for the assist.


Re: Bad battery ??

I would say that the specs on this battery are simply different from
those of the OEM (original mfgrs ... e.g. HP) battery.  Either that, or
it doesn't meet it's own specs.  I'd try to return the battery.

Des the Elder wrote:

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Re: Bad battery ??

Before you return the battery......

The voltage has to match? mAH can match or exceed.

Try complete discharge/charge a couple of times.  Does this help?  As
new batteries need breaking in..

Your supplier may ask you to do the same, so its worth trying this
before you give them a call.

The processor may be overheating - CPU fan not working or vents

Hope this helps.

Battery Guru

Re: Bad battery ?? wrote:
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Thanks for the reply.  I have sent an email to the supplier.  The
computer works fine on AC power and the CPU fans blows.

If the computer cuts off with 83% still in the battery, how do I
completely discharge the battery?



Re: Bad battery ??

Ah... yes did not think of that.  Sorry.

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