Backing up Sony Vaio w/o Restore Disks

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I bought a Sony Vaio FX310 for my husband on e-Bay. It came with the
manufacturer-shipped software, etc.

Unfortunately it didn't come with any software restoration disks (as I had
encountered with its slightly older sister, the FX215) nor did it come with
software to actually create the backup disks (as does my FRV26).

The setup is this:

C: drive is FAT32 with the OS and Sony goodies on it.
D: drive is a virtual NTFS drive and because the actual drive is fairly
small (20GB), it's partitioned 50-50 with the OS and programs on C: and my
husband's game settings and My Documents folder pointed to D:.

What would be the best way to go about backing this up in the event
something were to happen to the drive?  We have a home network and access to
a 200GB hard disk in my Sony desktop (am I brand loyal or what?).  Would
there be some ghosting software that would be preferable to trying to image
the drive(s) or back them up via the network?

I also have access to a CD Burner on the laptop itself, and a 30GB portable
USB drive.

Thanks!  I want to do this now while I have time and while everything is
behaving rather than waiting until it may be too late.


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