Backing up my laptop

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I have Ghost on my desktop and would like to backup (image) my laptop with
incremental backups once a week or so.  How is the best way to do this.
Sharing my C: drive on my home network for this purpose doesn't seem like a
good idea??

Re: Backing up my laptop

Sharing the laptop drive over the network shouldn't be a problem as long
as your home network is behind a router, but you could disconnect the
internet connection temporarily.

[There is another set of concerns if you have a wireless network, in
which case you must be using properly configured WPA encryption to be
reasonably secure.  You may also want to implement MAC address filtering.]

Another option is to setup a partition on the laptop for the images and
install ghost to the laptop, making the images entirely on the laptop.
The images themselves can be password protected.

You will probably be better off making a "full" backup rather than an
incremental backup.  Indeed, a true image program doesn't support
incremental images, since all that it is capable of doing is imaging an
entire partition.

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Re: Backing up my laptop

I was thinking of disconnecing the modem to the router to do this and yes I
have WPA and MAC filtering.  With symantics 'registration' proceedures, I
did not want to buy another copy of Ghost, might have to.  I could save the
image to the laptop HDD and then copy that off to an external storage
device.  Tx for the suggestions.

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