Averatec reliability

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Does anyone know how reliable Averatec laptop computers are?  They
are not listed in the March 2005 Consumer Reports reliability chart.
Thank you in advance for all replies.
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Re: Averatec reliability

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Not yet.  Mine is only six months old.

pa at panix dot com

Re: Averatec reliability

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Hi Daniel,

I have an Averatec C3500 convertible, and it seems to run fine. I
have some software issues with the machine, but I expect them to be
resolved when I buy the Averatec Recovery Disk (SP2 version).

I initially had some complaint about performance but since upgrading
it to 1GB of RAM, it does all right.

Just so that you know, hard disk & RAM upgrades must be done by an
authorized repair station or you will void your warranty. Best Buy
did my RAM upgrade for $40. The RAM itself was $70 a piece for 512MB

Ciao . . . C.Joseph

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Re: Averatec reliability

On Wed, 20 Apr 2005 11:00:42 -0700, Daniel Prince

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The forums I've been reading indicate no major problems except that
some of them have a do not tamper unless you wish to void your
warranty sticker over the memory and hd areas.  There is a heck of an
Averatec deal at Sam's club and they have a six month return policy,
no restocking fee.  I'm almost ready to give it a try.

Re: Averatec reliability

I have used a Sotec 3120X for a year and a half with no problems. Sotec
became Averatec and they still sell a laptop of the same basic size;
works fine for my needs.

Daniel Prince wrote:
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