Automatic (free) extended warranty for selected Toshiba laptops

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   I searched this group using Google & found no notice of this event
with the terms I used.   Want to make sure Toshiba laptop owners know
this.  I may have received either a letter or email notifying me
months ago.  I may have thought it was junk and kept no copy.
   See for full
details.   Purchasers of new Toshiba Satellite=AE A70, A75, M30X, or
M35X notebook computer may be entitled to benefits under a class
action settlement.    The key benefit for many will be an automatic 12-
Month Warranty Extension of your "Toshiba Standard Limited Warranty"
for repairs, effective November 7, 2006, expiring in November 2007.
   I purchased my M35X in Dec. 2004, the extended warranty I purchased
expired in Dec. 2006.  I had its motherboard & HDD replaced under
warranty in Aug. 2006.  In Feb. 2007 the laptop started shutting down/
freezing up at apparently random intervals, associated with my
approaching it, as if static electricity were happening.  It was also
running hot & its Toshiba Power Management icon had mysteriously
disappeared.   I thought something had gone serious wrong with the
machine, no longer under warranty.  I put it on the shelf & was using
   Today I decided to look into my Toshiba, did my usual search on
Google, found the notice of the lawsuit, looked it up, read the whole
thing, called the relevant 800 number with my model and serial #,
confirmed I was part of the extended warranty program, got a service
request #, and will take it tomorrow to my local Toshiba authorized
service provider.
   If you even think you might be eligible, read the whole thing.

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